Agents or Jobs in Sitecore

Hey guys! In the previous post, we discussed about Frequency -- The minimum threshold after which any agent would be executed. This frequency helps us out specifically in making sure that any agent with an interval less than that of frequency will be executed only after the time interval set in frequency is elapsed! In…Read more Agents or Jobs in Sitecore


Check the Sitecore Frequency

Hey friends! Sitecore has provided many switches and settings to make and keep it manageable and maintainable. Give me a chance to introduce you to once such setting  -- Frequency. It is a setting present in the Web.config of Sitecore, rather a Tag present at the beginning of the Scheduling Tag. It takes a normal time format…Read more Check the Sitecore Frequency

Differences between GetChildren() and GetDescendants() Methods

While working with Sitecore, a question struck my mind. It was about the two methods of sitecore to fetch its sub-items or children. The question was what is the difference between the two methods and why do we have these two methods separately :(. I was sure of one point, that if these two methods are…Read more Differences between GetChildren() and GetDescendants() Methods

Restrict the Sitecore content authors from uploading a heavy Media Item to Database

Some time back, I wrote an article on finding out from the Database the heavier Media Items. This was to find and notify that they cannot upload  a larger file to the Database as it may affect the performance adversely. To refer to the Article, click here. But as always, its better to be proactive…Read more Restrict the Sitecore content authors from uploading a heavy Media Item to Database

Log Parser Lizard

The previous article we discussed regarding Log Parser. Here, lets have some brief info on Log Parser Lizard. Log Parser is indeed a very powerful tool, but it being command-line, there are some disadvantages as compared to a tool having GUI Support. Again, some geeks love to work with command line, obviously, but then why…Read more Log Parser Lizard

Log Parser

Well... the first question about anything that comes in mind is What's that? The best description is given by the Official Page of the tool which is as follows : Log Parser is a powerful, versatile tool that provides universal query access to 1. Text Based Data Log Files XML Files CSV Fies TSV Files 2.…Read more Log Parser