Querying the IIS Logs Series

Concept: We all know how much important are IIS logs for any web application. Right from getting the info of the client IP Address,  to understanding the  normal time taken between requests and various other things based on our requirement. There is much more we can know from them if we can filter out the … Continue reading Querying the IIS Logs Series

Does your Web Application on Production Servers Crash Unexpectedly?

Hello Friends! Have you ever faced a situation wherein your web application running on your production server undergoes a hard crash? Lets say you haven't  seen such an issue, still its better to know what to do in such cases. Concept Understanding: When any application crashes in the Development environment, its easy to understand where … Continue reading Does your Web Application on Production Servers Crash Unexpectedly?

Blocking IP Addresses from IIS

Hey Guys, This may be a funny title in the beginning, but by the end of it, you will surely know the importance of this! When would you Block IP Addresses? There may be some situations in your live environment, that you need to block a certain IP address or some IP addresses, so that … Continue reading Blocking IP Addresses from IIS

Log Parser Lizard

The previous article we discussed regarding Log Parser. Here, lets have some brief info on Log Parser Lizard. Log Parser is indeed a very powerful tool, but it being command-line, there are some disadvantages as compared to a tool having GUI Support. Again, some geeks love to work with command line, obviously, but then why … Continue reading Log Parser Lizard

Log Parser

Well... the first question about anything that comes in mind is What's that? The best description is given by the Official Page of the tool which is as follows : Log Parser is a powerful, versatile tool that provides universal query access to 1. Text Based Data Log Files XML Files CSV Fies TSV Files 2. … Continue reading Log Parser

Application Pool Restarts

Well, I faced a similar problem in the recent past and also found this problem for many, so I decided to write an article for consolidating the same. First of all, there is a difference between Application Pool and an Application  Domain which is as follows Application Pool : An Internet Information Services (IIS) application pool is a … Continue reading Application Pool Restarts