Sitecore + SalesForce – Let’s Get Started

Dear Sitecore Family,

So last Saturday – 27th July 2019, my friend and colleague Alok Kadudeshmukh and I presented on Sitecore + SalesForce – Let’s get Started.

We had presented on a similar topic at SUGCON this year, which was more business specific where we showed how to improve a User Journey, while the current one was strictly for developers!

The Agenda of the event can be found here: SUGMumbai July 2019 Meetup

We (Hardeep, Brijesh, Alok and I) started from our hometown Vadodara Gujarat, the previous night via train journey.

And the next morning, we were in Mumbai.

Due to heavy rains in Mumbai, there were some who didn’t turn up to the meetup, but still, we were very happy to have those who were able to make it.

Slides are as below:

[Update 25th Sept 2019]

In case you missed it and want to want to know more about it – you can watch the recording of it here

[/Update 25th Sept 2019]

Thank you SUGMumbai for organizing this nice event and giving us the platform to present.

Happy Sitecoring! 🙂

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