Querying the IIS Logs Series


We all know how much important are IIS logs for any web application. Right from getting the info of the client IP Address,  to understanding the  normal time taken between requests and various other things based on our requirement. There is much more we can know from them if we can filter out the required information out of them, and that’s where the problem occurs. How to find out or extract the information out of our IIS Logs…? 😦

Well you will feel it simple at the end of this series of articles of Querying the IIS Logs. 🙂

The complete series is based on the type of queries — Logically, Output-wise and Query Complexity.

Again, in each post, the article will be divided into three sub categories — Query, Understanding and Mockup Screen

The complete series will soon be published in coming weeks!

For details on IIS Log fields, please refer to the following link.

For the various examples, lets make use of the Log Parser Lizard.

Again, the above set of articles is based upon purely my study of the IIS Logs, my seniors’ guidance and understanding currently, and I will surely update/add more to this series as and when I discover/study more. I have tried to cover almost all the important queries, but in case I miss it, I apologize for the same and request the readers to add them in comments.

Happy IIS Log Querying! 🙂


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