1000 Blog Hits and Growing!

Hello Friends! Recently my blog got 1000 hits. And it is all thanks to all of you who have been referring to it on a very regular basis. Thank you for all your visits, sharing and support. A couple of things that motivate me to write articles on my blog  are the various comments and … Continue reading 1000 Blog Hits and Growing!

Does your Web Application on Production Servers Crash Unexpectedly?

Hello Friends! Have you ever faced a situation wherein your web application running on your production server undergoes a hard crash? Lets say you haven't  seen such an issue, still its better to know what to do in such cases. Concept Understanding: When any application crashes in the Development environment, its easy to understand where … Continue reading Does your Web Application on Production Servers Crash Unexpectedly?

Differences between SelectSingleItem and GetItem

Sitecore has a very versatile and robust architecture, adding up to many functionalities, and giving results based on some changes, providing advantages in some or the other way. Similar is the case with both these methods--GetItem() and SelectSingleItem() -- about which we are to talk today! Both the methods do the similar task -- to fetch … Continue reading Differences between SelectSingleItem and GetItem